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Guest Post: Pearl the Tortimese

Today’s guest post is by a beautiful tortimese lady cat named Pearl who has very unusual eating habits. Is Pearl a naughty kitty or  is she just underappreciated? You decide.
tortimese cat

Pearl, The Tortimese Lady Cat

My name is Pearl. I’m also called ‘Pearlie’, ‘Pudge’, and much to my protest ‘the tortimese terror’. I may have lots of nicknames but I’m just a simple tortimese (Siamese Tortie) ladycat living each day to its fullest, discovering the wonders around me. Humans seem to view my curiosity and desire to help as being mischievous, pesky, and even downright naughty. As Shakespeare once said: ‘I am a ladycat more sinned against than sinned.’ The stories you may hear about me are just misunderstandings on the stupidity of humans. When my friend Buddy asked me to guest blog I happily accepted the honor and thank him for giving me the opportunity to set the record straight.

Pearl the


My early memories are few but I know I have always been loved: first by my mama cat who gave me life, second by my first human mama who selflessly gave me up so I could have a better life because she had taken in too many of us to afford, and now by my forever human Mom who I adopted one November day in 2017 at the Humane Society. I was a wee one of 1 1/2 years then yet smart enough to recognize a smitten, lover of special kitties lady when I saw one. Life has been one fun adventure since and I reign as Princess of a household including her, my human grandparents, and a big goofy woofie named Lily.
I have a condition the humans call ‘pica’ which means I have a strange attraction and compulsion to chew, lick and ingest non-edible items. It is a constant worry for my human Mom and she tries to keep the stuff I’m most attracted to away so I don’t ingest it in case it makes me sick or worse. We’ve had a few scares with toothpaste, tinfoil, and thread but for the most part all is good. We do not know why I am this way except interestingly Siamese and other Asian breeds of cats do have a higher genetic predisposition for pica compared to others.

Pearl the Tortimese

As for me being known as a ‘terror’, ‘destructive’ or ‘mischievous’ that is up to interpretation. The allegations include: climbing/shredding/chewing curtains, chewing holes in cords and tubes, knocking over and digging in potted plants, digging through and emptying cupboards, stealing Q-tips or any item left unattended, helping myself to drinks and food off the plates of others, shredding mail, clawing holes in bedding, ninja clawing furniture (includes shredding the underside of), throwing my bowl of food off the counter for no reason, attempting to pull down pictures off the wall, opening and pawing through drawers/closets/purses and swinging from, then pulling down a chandelier. I admit this does sound like a lot of mischief but as I said it is all up to interpretation ie.: how is digging through and emptying cupboards or closets in order to help my human organize stuff bad? Why is testing the quality control of cords and tubes so wrong? Practicing my ninja moves and using my claws on surfaces to keep them sharp and ready to defend my human should be welcomed, not discouraged! Knocking things over and digging in plants are part of scientific gravity and mineral experiments, not making messes. Testing human’s food and drink to make sure it is not spoiled or poisoned shows care, not bad manners. I’m not shredding mail, I’m merely helping my human open it. As for the state of the curtains I was expressing my artistic side and giving them a textured effect which added to their elegance-  it’s not my fault humans have no taste. And the chandelier incident? I was employing a safety inspection meant to test the strength and effectiveness of its attachment to the ceiling, not wanting it to maybe someday fall on and kill my human.
So as you can see, while some may see my actions as naughty or nosy I am simply doing my part to keep my household and humans safe. Obviously it is an unappreciated and thankless job, one I’m sure my fellow felines can relate to. There are times my Mom calls me ‘incorrigible’ because no matter how many times I’m reprimanded, redirected or removed from my supposed crime I ignore it and return right back to doing it again. Once again this is an example of the limitations of the human brain-  I’m not disobeying, I’m demonstrating my supreme intelligence in a repetitive manner to make it easier for her to understand I know best AND as a reminder of who is in charge.
Pearl the Tortimese

Pretty Pearl

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life- I have lots of love, food, toys, medical care, and my own household to run. I’m in charge! However like all positions it has its challenges- mainly humans. Humans are a breed all their own and require understanding, patience, training and at times a firm paw. It’s a job I’m up for despite being mistaken for a ‘terror’ as I am a refined ladycat and leave it at that.

6 comments on “Guest Post: Pearl the Tortimese

  1. RasmaSandra
    March 27, 2019

    Pearl is beautiful. She is simply a cat with her own individual kind of personality. My Sid has his own quirks. I sit and work at my PC and have some mac and cheese in a bowl. Then I get busy and when I turn to take another bit there is Sid polishing off my lunch. Hey, it happens and it doesn’t mean that suddenly he is going to demand mac and cheese.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. writerphotogirlblog
    March 28, 2019

    I love Pearl, she is adorable and she is just being the boss. Our girls, Lola Bean and Ashlyn take turns being our boss!


  3. Gabby Fontaine
    March 28, 2019

    Pearl, mew need the bacon!!! If mew only got it 24/7 mew would be all set!! mol Thumper says he knows how mew feel. We love mew all ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Lola The Rescued Cat
    March 28, 2019

    Hi Pearl! We loved reading your story! We’re so proud that you are a guest poster! And don’t worry, we don’t believe any of those rumors!

    Liked by 2 people

    • brendablagdon
      March 30, 2019

      Hi Lola, I just visited your site and am now following. You , Lexy, Dawn and Cupcake all look like aweome cats.


  5. Kate emmons
    March 29, 2019

    Brilliant! Such a cutie!


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